Finding beauty in the darkness

Cover for the Malvie magazine

Model @vicky.sei
Flowers @mercaflor_rd
Creative director / makeup artist/ photographer Olga Montilla
Retouch @alyonaowl_ph

These days I find myself thinking about the world we live in, which makes me want to close my eyes and imagine all of this being just an awful dream. The suffering is unbearable. I like to close my eyes and create a dream of my own by visualizing all the good things in this world. When I close my eyes I imagine people living peacefully and happily, without the negativity, pain, and aggression. A world without global pandemics and ongoing wars. This picture captures what I believe will save the world; beauty, innocence, purity, and love. No matter how twisted and cruel the real world is, the good in this world will always break through and win. Together, we can find the solution and thrive. I wish love, peace, and safety for everyone…

January 2021