Beach Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks!

Oh, dear! A beach wedding is so lovely. The sun, the good weather, the sand beneath your feet… It’s a dream! But before you put on your dress, why don’t you let me share some of my beach wedding makeup tips? They will help you look radiant while taking care of your skin while on site. Better safe than sorry!

Remember to moisturize your face

First, you need to moisturize your face plenty before applying any makeup. The sun can be harsh and cruel, so try to look out for yourself and be generous when applying the product. Not just that, but it helps you glow a little more! Health is beauty, after all.

Use plenty of sunscreen before applying makeup

The second beach wedding tip should be obvious, but it never goes without saying: use sunscreen! You will probably spend a long time out in the sun, and no one wants to get sunburned. Makeup can only protect your face so much. I will try to take care of this step, but it’s never bad to remind you before the event. I only want what’s best for you!

Avoid dark colors, use natural tones from the beach

Black and heavy tones are lovely, and I love to use them in my spare time. I would never ask someone to shy away from them if I didn’t have a good reason! Unfortunately, a beach wedding calls for different makeup styles. Darker colors look out of place in this setting, and can draw some negative attention. Not just that, but it gets hot! The darker the shade, the more heat it’ll absorb, and you know how I feel about sunburns…

Instead, we will go for something light and simple. Blue and green accents do wonders, and accentuating your natural skin tone will yield much better results! Bronzer and blush will be your best friends here.

Get a matte finish!

I want you to shine, I really do, but not in this way! A glossy finish is lovely, but you will be out in the sun. Consider how much you’ll end up sparkling in pictures. People will barely distinguish your face thanks to the light! Add to that the amount of sweat that accumulates over time, and maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to add glitter.

Ask for a matte finish instead. You will still shine and glow, but your face will not light up the picture like a flashlight! Save yourself the trouble, please!

Keep blotting papers handy while at the beach and the wedding

Again, we must mention the sweat. It’s inevitable, so please don’t feel bad! Between the sun, the nerves, and the natural heat of the beach, you’ll likely start to sweat a lot. Blotting paper helps immensely with this, keeping your face clean (and your makeup stable). It’s very discreet, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a big box around. Keep some blotting paper on hand, stop worrying, and start enjoying your wedding!

Ask for makeup touch-ups after the wedding ceremony

But sweat is not your only enemy. You still have so many more factors to consider when you’re out in the open. And the wedding ceremony is not the end of your day! Once everything is done and ready, I can give you some touch-ups to stay radiant and beautiful. There’s much partying to do, so don’t delay! Just ask me to stay a while longer and I’ll have my palettes ready.

A natural makeup look complements any wedding!

Lastly, we will try to be a bit more conservative with your beach wedding makeup look. As I said, the darkest colors and more extravagant styles will not be very favorable for you! Too dark, and you’ll look out of place. Too flashy, and your face will not be visible in pictures. Too heavy, and you’ll end up sweaty! Keep it light and simple, matching the colors around you. There’s nothing bad or wrong about the classics!

In conclusion,

Your beach wedding makeup will bedazzle your guests and groom as soon as you come in! Just by following these tips, you will not just have a wonderful look, but a long-lasting one too! Always tell me what you want to get the best results, of course. I’m here to work with you, not against you. Just don’t forget to make preparations of your own!