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These 10 days will change your life drastically for the better

A reminder that:

This challenge is NOT for everyone.
It’s only for those ones who:

Realize that it’s time for a change!

Are ready to work on themselves and get results!!!
DM or leave a comment saying «I want to participate»!!!

Cost of participation:


This format is limited
to only 100 people!

The speakers will guide you personally throughout the challenge . They answer all your questions and give you a magic kick that you will remember for the rest of your life.
No magic and doing the work for you! This is not about that!

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10 days of active work with
the speakers of the challenge

Every day we will change your daily routine so that you can:

Find your calling in life

Find your calling
in life

Find your calling in life

Be successful in life
at home, in your career,
in relationships

Find your calling in life

Learn how to take care
of your body, your skin,
and your looks

Every day we will change your daily routine so that you can:

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Week schedule:

There will be a combination of pre-recorded and live classes throughout the 10 day challenge from 6 of our incredible specialists: mindset mentor, yoga instructor, zumba trainer, nutritionist, figure correction specialist, and hair and makeup stylist.

Day 1

  • «Sun Salutation — flow for the whole body» with yoga teacher Elena Poltoraka
  • master class with Mindset Mentor Kristi Maggio «Understanding Success».
  • How to achieve your ideal weight and increase a feeling of well-being. Together we will take the first steps towards healthy nutrition. Holistic doctor Elena Poltoraka.
  • Diagnostics of the state of your body and skin. Identification of individual characteristics. We will assess the state of your vessels.
  • The right cleansing and preparation of the face before applying makeup. Express makeup in 5-7 minutes by makeup artist Olga Montilla.

Day 2

  • A fiery Zumba warm-up. All muscle groups are warmed up to prepare the body for the upcoming workout and to prevent injuries.
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Healthy sources of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. We will design your personal balanced meal plan and prepare a shopping list
  • The main reasons for the appearance of cellulite are edema. We will find out the main things that we can do today.
    -Moisturizing/nourishing, light makeup.

Day 3

  • Yoga flow for glutes and legs
  • Breaking through your limiting beliefs.
  • Vegetables and fruits — let food be your medicine. We will make healthy delicious smoothies together.
  • Dry / oily skin. What does the cosmetics market offer? Understanding wraps... Let’s learn how to do them quickly.
  • Right accents on the face. Natural makeup is done together.

Day 4

  • Zumba. The ability to master and improve the performance of movements... Takes place at a fairly moderate pace, with power and dance elements.
  • Finding your purpose and your why
  • What is the right food to start your day with? We will learn to prepare a quick and healthy breakfast.
  • Body oils. Which ones are best for you? Let’s learn how to make mixtures based on our goals. Relaxation, lymphatic drainage, tone.
  • Easy Smokey eyes to do together.

Day 5

  • Hip opening yoga
  • Desire: How bad do you want it?
  • Balanced and easy to make lunch and dinner — what should be on your plate every day? We will build your own Buddha bowl.
  • The fascia plays an important role in the body. Why is it so important to properly stretch and massage yourself?
  • We will learn how to draw beautiful arrows according to the position of your eyes.

Day 6

  • Zumba Party. You will do all moves in a single fiery dance show, set to the rhythms of Latin American music.
  • Setting Goals
  • How to cut down on refine sugar and other simple carbs. We will make a healthy dessert together
  • Breast opening.
  • We will create a cosmetic bag together.

Day 7

  • Core strengthening yoga
  • How to achieve success in the goals you have set for yourself
  • How to make home cooking easy and fast — meal prep like a pro.
  • Working with the diaphragm. Learning to breathe correctly. Breathing is the basis of the lymphatic system
  • Face shapes and facial features: rules for correction. Sculpturing and contouring the face. Application of highlighters and corrective powders. Rules / tips for applying blushes and bronzers.

Day 8

  • The full Zumba workout ends with a 10 minute cool down, necessary to relax the muscles in your body. This small set of light exercises calms the nervous system — as a result, a person feels only pleasant fatigue after the lesson.
  • Time Management
  • The role of stress and lack of sleep in obesity and eating disorders. Tools to manage stress and improve your sleep.
  • Devices for self-massage. The most effective Self-massage techniques.
  • The appearance of eyebrows.

Day 9

  • Yoga: Heart/chest opening flow
  • Faith and Perseverance
  • Understanding women’s hormonal system and how healthy eating can support monthly hormonal changes. We will make herbal tea to alleviate menstrual cramps
  • Honey massage. The technique of doing it yourself.
  • The general algorithm of makeup application.

Day 10

  • Live Webinar Q&A
    Last day Live Event with all the speakers at the same time, where we can all get to know each other, answer all your questions and choose the winner with the best results and give her the opportunity to have a private session with the speaker of her choice.

Our speakers

Olga Montilla
Мakeup/hair artist and stylist.


Greetings from Punta Cana!
My name is Olga Montilla . I live and work in the Dominican Republic. What do I do for a living? Well, first of all Art ! I’m makeup/hair artist and stylist. Founder of Olga Montilla Beauty studio and school.
My job is my biggest passion. I love to put right accents on the women faces to emphasize natural beauty.
I am the mother of three boys and I’m happy wife. Moved to this fabulous country almost 7 years ago and since then, everything has spun, wrapped up, in ways that I could not even imagine.
I do not have a simple story, but I have always believed in myself and my hard work has achieved everything. Even though many people say that I am a witch)) wonder how I do it. The main thing is to believe in your dream and work on that and everything will work out.

Kristi Maggio
Mindset mentor


My name is Kristi Maggio. I am 43 years old, and I have been an educator for over 20 years, teaching children and adults of all ages. I am from the United States and have been living in the Dominican Republic for 8 years. As well, I am a Mindset Mentor and have worked helping people build their confidence and discover their passion and purpose so they can succeed in achieving their goals. I love helping others, and I started a foundation in 2019 with the mission to provide equal educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. If you would like to learn more about my programs for adults and teens, please feel free to send me a DM on my IG account.

Regina Andrienko
body shaping massage therapist


Greetings! My name is Regina Andrienko. I am 33 years old, I was born, live and work in the city of St. Petersburg.
I am a professional body shaping massage therapist, I own the most modern massage techniques. I have extensive experience working with women of completely different ages and physiques.
I am also a certified nutritionist — nutritionist in Russia. I am convinced that the beauty and health of a woman is not to be thin, but to be HEALTHY!
I studied long and hard to learn all the tricks and secrets of a well-groomed body.
I know how to take care of myself at home, and most importantly, I know how to make it simple and easy.
Awareness in actions in relation to myself is my main aspect in work. Losing weight is easy, but maintaining your body shape and skin condition is difficult. This is what I will teach you in our marathon.
How to take care of your body without spending a lot of money and time on it?
Regular care procedures without interrupting the usual daily rhythm.
It’s like brushing your teeth! Should be on a daily basis.
Why is it important to keep health in mind when caring for yourself?
The fault is NOT a lack of willpower, as many are mistaken, but a lack of knowledge!
The grueling diets that the Internet offers in large numbers today can really help you lose a few pounds of weight. But at what cost!
Our marathon brings together the best specials. We will give all the information, tell you how and what to do in stages on the way to a beautiful body.

Elena Poltoraka
Holistic Health Coach
Yoga teacher


My name is Elena Poltoraka, I am a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, ObGyn and Esthetic Doctor. Healthy balanced lifestyle is my way of living and my mission is to bring health and happiness to women’s life. I started my career in medical field 19 years ago, and over time developed a holistic vision on health by realizing the short comings of conventional medicine in regards to the treatment of chronic disease. My principal focus is in the women’s health and beauty space. By using a mixture of traditional and cutting edge practices I have successfully introduced hormonal balance in a natural way to countless wonder women’s lives in my professional practice. In my nearly two decades of Professional Practice I have simply found that the right way to enhance overall Beauty and Health is to work through a holistic approach — «Beauty Inside Out».

Join the Body Mind Spirit Challenge!

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